About us

We are Bob's 3D Tech Mart located in Atlanta, Ga.

We are a young and growing manufacturers sales agent platform who market and sell 3D printers worldwide working in cooperation with global manufacturers.  We are 3D printer owners and enthusiasts excited to be part of this newest technology revolution.

We specialize in providing sales, marketing and logistics support for global 3D printer manufacturers.  We also work with manufacturers to provide customer requirements as well as feedback to help manufacturers design, build and test future new 3D printer products.  

We are continually working to upgrade our 3D printer sales, marketing and logistics services and welcome your feedback.  Feel free to contact us (blog, email, text) with any questions, suggestions or new 3D printer ideas to help improve this platform.

We are currently the ONLY U.S. authorized reseller of QIDI Technology 3D printers, parts and accessories.  We are also owners and users of QIDI 3D printers.