This is the QIDI tech I 3D printer by QIDI Technology.

QIDI Tech I - 3D Printer


QIDI Tech X-one - 3D Printer

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This is the QIDI X-one 3D printer by QIDI Technology.

QIDI Tech 3D Printer Reviews

If you are a beginner and are looking for an affordable dual extruder 3D printer, then the Qidi Tech I 3D Printer may be the right printer for you. October 14, 2015

A point worth noting is the excellent customer service. What often pronounces the fault is the lack of help from people who know it best. However, this isn’t the case with Qidi Tech. The solution to any problem is just a phone call or email away. March 15, 2016

The combination of price and features, in our opinion, make the Tech I the best 3D printer under $1,000 and one of the best price-to-performance options currently on the market. November 1, 2016

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